Techmeme Headlines
Today Wednesday, 28th July 2021
Orum, whose AI-powered tech helps sales representatives automate outbound calling workflows, raises $25M Series A led by Craft Ventures at a $125M val Wed, 28 Jul A Harvard biostatistician is reconsidering plans to use Apple Watch as part of a study after finding inconsistencies in heart rate variability data co Wed, 28 Jul Eco, a personal finance app and digital wallet, raises $60M in funding led by Activant Capital and L Catterton, after raising $26M in March Wed, 28 Jul Kili Technology, which helps companies transform raw data into high-quality annotated data for AI training, raises $25M Series A led by Balderton Capi Wed, 28 Jul In letters to companies, CA AG says data sharing via analytics trackers, like cookies, for ad and analytics purposes fits CCPA's definition of a data Wed, 28 Jul Valora, a mobile-first digital crypto wallet built on the open source blockchain network Celo, raises $20M Series A led by a16z Wed, 28 Jul Facebook will restrict how advertisers can target users under 18 across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger, only allowing age, gender, and location ta Wed, 28 Jul Alphabet reports Q2 revenue of $61.88B, up 62% YoY, operating income of $19.36B, up 31% YoY, Google Cloud operating loss down to $591M; stock up 2%+ a Wed, 28 Jul eBay's ex-senior global security manager, the first of five former staffers convicted in a cyberstalking campaign against eBay critics, gets 18 months Wed, 28 Jul Workers at CSAT Solutions, a Texas company that handles many of Apple's laptop repairs, call their workplace a “sweatshop” with broken AC Wed, 28 Jul GitHub partners with Stanford Law School to offer legal counsel to developers facing DMCA takedown requests; the advice is free for “valid&rdquo Wed, 28 Jul A look at the rise of ultra-fast grocery delivery startups, some with a goal of 10-minute deliveries, across major cities, led by Turkish startup Geti Wed, 28 Jul Survey of 20,699 Americans: those who rely on Facebook for COVID-related news are less likely to get vaccinated than average and less likely than Fox Wed, 28 Jul AMD Q2: revenue of $3.85B, up 99% YoY, Computing and Graphics revenue of $2.25B, up 65% YoY, Enterprise, Embedded and Semi-Custom revenue of $1.6B, up Wed, 28 Jul Activision Blizzard staff aim to walk out on Wednesday, demanding fairer treatment for underrepresented staff and ending arbitration clauses in staff Wed, 28 Jul In the new iPadOS 15 beta, Apple makes its controversial Safari redesign optional, letting users choose a more conventional tab layout in settings Wed, 28 Jul Apple reports Q3 revenue of $81.4B, up 36% YoY, net income of $21.7B, up from $11.2B YoY, Services sales of $17.4B, up from $13.2B YoY, iPhone sales o Wed, 28 Jul Microsoft reports Q4 revenue up 21% YoY to $46.2B, net income up 47% YoY to $16.5B, commercial cloud revenue up 36% YoY to $19.5B, LinkedIn revenue up Wed, 28 Jul US smartphone market sales grew 27% YoY in H1 2021 despite component shortages; OnePlus rose by 428% YoY, Motorola by 83%, Apple by 53%, as Google dro Wed, 28 Jul Following appliance energy efficiency laws in CA, CO, HI, OR, VT, and WA, Dell has stopped shipping select power-hungry PCs in those markets Wed, 28 Jul Google launches Google Cloud Retail Search, a managed service giving retailers a custom version of Google Search that integrates into their apps and w Wed, 28 Jul Cyber insurance startup At-Bay raises $185M Series D led by Icon Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners at a $1.35B valuation, amid the global ranso Wed, 28 Jul PsiQuantum, which aims to build a commercial quantum computing machine with 1M qubits, raises $450M Series D at $3.15B valuation, bringing total raise Wed, 28 Jul iCapital Network, which makes tools to help financial advisers invest client money in PE, raises $400M at a ~$4B valuation Wed, 28 Jul Blaize, which custom-designs AI edge chips with a new graph streaming architecture, raises $71M Series D, bringing its total raised to $155M Wed, 28 Jul Pinterest announces monetization tools for creators, including tagging products in Idea Pins to earn commissions, available to US and UK business acco Wed, 28 Jul In its Q2 earnings report, Tesla says it suffered $23M in bitcoin-related impairments, after bitcoin dropped from $63K in April to under $40K now Wed, 28 Jul Pendo, which helps businesses gather behavioral analytics on how customers use their apps, raises $150M led by B Capital at a $2.6B valuation and eyes Wed, 28 Jul Fireblocks, which lets users store, transfer, and issue digital assets, raises $310M Series D led by Sequoia, Stripes, and Spark at a $2.2B valuation Wed, 28 Jul SensorTower: Clubhouse had 484K global installs from July 21 to 25, up 17% from the previous five days, after moving from invite-only to general avail Wed, 28 Jul